Would you hire a builder that wants to build your house and only then, before handing you the keys, decide where to put the doors and windows?

I assume the answer is a big NO!


Common sense!

And yet this is precisely what Mr Warren Truss plans for the proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. We will build it and then around 2022 we will let Air Services Australia decide the flight path.

Even my 5 year-old son, when playing with his Lego, tends to plan ahead the location of doors and windows (although mostly for cars, trucks and planes that he builds). Although being a bright boy, I am under no illusion that he is the next Einstein. He does it because it makes sense!

How can anyone do a serious assessment of impacts, cost vs benefits or risk analysis without stating upfront what would be the flight paths? Unless (and this is my assumption) he does so to avoid public opinion. I find it quite astounding that a government would turn against its own people in such a way.

PS, Mr Truss, considering the geographical location of the airport, even my 5 yer old would come to the conclusion that there would be severe impacts on us residents. I mean, every flight would pass over Warragamba dam - to say the least. Shame on you.