This page serves as an entry point to parents, schools and concerned members of the public interested to gain information related to the impacts associated with the airport. In addition to the letter below you might be interested to read the Impacts on Children.

After the government announcement and release of projected flight paths for a 2nd Sydney Airport at Badgery’s Creek, by December 2015, 17 parent committees from Lower Blue Mountains schools and preschools united and signed a joint submission. It highlighted concerns over the negative impact upon the health, cognitive development, learning and wellbeing of children affected by the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport. It was presented to Federal MP Louise Markus and sent into the Federal Government as part of the formal submission process.

We would like to invite your any other Parents committees or concerned member of the public to join this group and support our concerns.

The Federal Government is due to comment on all submissions later in 2016. Whilst our group is neither FOR nor AGAINST a 2nd Sydney airport, it is essential that school and preschool communities in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney continue to be aware and informed on this proposed development. We must also continue to engage with our political representatives to ensure they act on our concerns regarding children.
Our group supports smart development in Western Sydney that will create local jobs and support the local economy, whether it is an airport, fast rail, a science research facility or another other development on the Badgery’s Creek site. However, we cannot not support a government funded development in Western Sydney that does not adhere to world standards, fails to use best practice and jeopardises children health and educational opportunities.

In the last 2 weeks both the Labor and Liberal leadership have recommended changing flight paths at night (Labor policy suggestion) or removing the point merger system that concentrated all incoming flights over one area (Liberal policy suggestion). Whilst this is a welcome response and acknowledges that the original flight paths place an unfair noise burden on communities, we must demand and ensure that no child or community across any suburb is adversely affected by an airport at Badgery’s Creek.

Kingsford Smith Airport (KSA) located at Mascot, Sydney, is a world class, profitable airport. It is imperative that children in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney are afforded the same protection as Sydney children affected by aircraft at KSA.

What we need if a second airport is built in the Sydney basin

Any 2nd Sydney airport must have:

  • More detailed analysis on the impacts to children from the noise and pollution caused by a 2nd airport before construction starts.
  • The implementation of the latest world heath standards in regards to noise and pollution levels particularly regarding children. Western Sydney already has the highest hospitalisation rates for asthma in NSW.
  • The same legislated curfew that KSA has - that restricts aircraft size and runway usage between 11pm-6am local time.
  • A cap on the number of aircraft to 80 aircraft movements per hour (as used at KSA).
  • Implementation of a rotational flight path system so noise is equitably shared across many communities (unlike the point merge system proposed in the 2015 EIS).
  • Positions on the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) which is a supervisory body that ensures community concerns over aircraft noise are heard and dealt with. They communicate directly with the Minister for Infrastructure and Air Services Australia. This will be a shared airspace with KSA and hence any communities affected by a 2nd airport must have equal representation at this influential forum.
  • Limits set for noise and aircraft pollution. In Europe a 10 decibel (dB) noise penalty for night flights and a 5dB noise penalty for evening flights is used to protect the public (including vulnerable groups such as children, the chronically ill and elderly).

As the strongest population growth area in NSW, Western Sydney requires these same measures and safeguards. Western Sydney has the highest hospitalisation rates for asthma in NSW and according the Sydney Children’s hospital, one out of nine Australian children suffer from asthma. It is essential that as a united group, we demand that world standards are implemented and that the health and wellbeing of children is foremost and ahead of any commercial or economic considerations.

Please read our 2015 EIS submission and our Fact sheet that provides researched information on our concerns. If you are interested or require further information, please Juliet Hinchliffe email: moc.liamg|2d2rhteiluj#moc.liamg|2d2rhteiluj. Or connect with us on Facebook.