We are a clutter of scientists, media, public and business people all joined in under the goal of "doing things the right way", increasing the transparency of decision making concerning the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. A key aspect that lead to the existence of this website is the opinion that important information and facts relating to the airport and the decision making process are not being shared with the public, done with haste and aimed to fit a desired answer.


It may come as no surprise that our general stance is one that opposes the airport at its current location and form of operation. However, we are also scientists and therefore are committed to provide facts that are based on research that is peer reviewed and open for public scrutiny. As such we are committed to publish any relevant piece of information that follows these guidelines, whether or not it resonates with our private interests. This calls for the general public to come forward and point us to research and facts as they see fit. Furthermore, we are keen to keep this meeting place a-political and be sensitive to suburbs and minorities that may be affected from the airport.

Scientific or factual information will generally form the basis of an article and would follow with an analysis of implications and significance. We reserve a corner of this website, the Opinions section for articles that cross this fine line.