Here are the list of articles that we are working on right now or intend to do so in the short term. Some of those reflect the skill-set of our current team members. Other cases are key items missing in our puzzle and we are on the search for experts that will fill the gap. Where the literature or experts can not provide answers we conduct our own research (for example by running models that simulate traffic conditions or atmospheric conditions, etc). In short, all those things that a proper environmental impact statement (EIS) and a transparent public process should do. We also work on a case study that shows how the draft EIS bypassed key leading experts and reached hasty and haphazard conclusions.

So what are the things that we do or would like to do in the short term:

  • Joined our team of contributors is an expert in risks and security. He is now preparing an article that is a digest of his submission to the EIS.
  • We are now on the search after an experienced commercial pilot to comment on the flight path, final approach, risks, weather in Badgerys Creek.
  • We are about to conduct an experiment to test how the convergence zone over Blaxland would affect local atmospheric conditions and especially, how would that affect the susceptibility for forest fires.
  • We are trying to get hold of the submission of comments to the EIS of the Rural Fire Services (RFS). If you happen to have the right contacts in the RFS, please contact us here.

Finally, we are interested to gain a new perspectives, science and especially facts that would contribute to the transparency of what so far has been a process full of holes and lack of clarity towards the public. If you would like to contribute, offer an idea to research, point us to an expert, news item or anything else, we would be happy to hear from you (see our contact details).